About Us

Welcome to Armas Pharmaceuticals, a company centered around family and making a difference.

With a combined 100+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry we built our company to meet your needs.

So what makes Armas Pharmaceuticals different? We are a patient-focused, multi-faceted specialty pharmaceutical corporation delivering a portfolio of products that provide convenience, sustainability and consistency. While we strive for excellence, our success is driven by you and how well we are able to address your needs.

With the ever-changing regulations of the industry and the evolution of the healthcare professionals’ needs, we strive to introduce products in the marketplace that offer the highest levels of safety and convenience.

Armas Niemi

Our History

“My dad told me something when I got married- He told me not to name any of my children after him because as my mom used to say ‘what kind of a name is Armas’. Fast forward 30 years and my children decided the next best thing would be to name our family business after him and make him proud.”

– John Niemi, President & CEO


John Niemi

Executive Chairman and Founder

Before devoting his work full-time to Armas Pharmaceuticals as President & CEO, John spent almost 37 years developing relationships, gaining experience and building a portfolio of skills in the pharmaceutical industry that will serve as the backbone of his successful leadership.

Much of Johns’ early career was spent developing his knowledge of sales. During his time at Faulding Pharmaceuticals, where he served as Director of Sales for the East Coast, he oversaw U.S. East Coast Sales; GPO’s; Wholesalers; and territory managers. He then moved on to Cura Pharmaceuticals where he served as the Vice President of Sales. John took advantage of this opportunity and developed a myriad of skills relating to pharmaceuticals sales including: developing sales plans, introducing product lines and successfully launching products, among others.

To further hone his knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, John moved to Sagent Pharmaceuticals where he formed a strong foundation of knowledge in business development as the Senior Director of Business Development. Here John formed strong industry relationships and explored different avenues for business opportunities and strategies that ensured business growth. Additionally, John was responsible for bringing Glydo to Sagent where the product is sold today. He continued developing these skills during his tenure at Amneal Pharmaceuticals. John served as Vice President of Amneal Biosciences, LLC; where he was responsible for starting their injectable division. This position allowed John to develop international relationships along with offering him insights into product evaluation and company acquisitions.

John brings with him a well-rounded set of skills in both sales and business development, which combined, will help Armas Pharmaceuticals have an insight into partnerships and products that lead to strong revenue growth potential.

Joe Niemi

President & CEO

Joe Niemi oversees operations for Armas Pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining Armas, Joe managed commercial operations for Somerset Therapeutics, growing their portfolio to $50M+ in sales. Outside of work, you can expect to find Joe enjoying time with his wife and four children.

Jenifer Arabia

Director, Sales & Marketing

Jen oversees sales and marketing for Armas Pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining Armas, she worked in unit dose sales at AvKare (acquired by Amneal Pharmaceuticals) managing the Northeast territory. Outside of work, you can expect to find Jen traveling with her husband and trying new restaurants.

Our Mission and Values


Our unwavering commitment to integrity means we can be relied upon for honest and ethical business practices. We prioritize interests, maintain transparency, and uphold the highest standards of integrity in every interaction.


We prioritize clear and consistent communication to ensure that our customers, and partners alike, are well-informed about our products in the market and services, fostering transparency and trust in our relationships.


By promoting collaboration, we tap into diverse expertise to tailor solutions that best meet needs. Working closely together allows us to create value, enhance efficiency, and deliver outcomes that exceed expectations in all facets of our business.


Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset, we continuously seek innovative ways to add value for our customers. Our proactive approach to problem-solving and adaptability ensures that we stay ahead of the curve, delivering solutions that drive success.