Armas Pharmaceuticals focuses on building a network of global partnerships by offering expertise and market knowledge to aide in expanding business development opportunities within the U.S.

Below are the areas in which we can support your business:

Competitive Landscape and Intelligence

  • Number of competitors
  • Price points
  • Drug presentations

Sales and Marketing Support for Your Products

  • Provide sales assistance in back office for market share of product
  • Competitive data
  • Product promotional assistance

Detailed Market Analysis for Future Products

  • What presentations to consider: Lyophilized, Liquid, Syringe, Vial, Bag
  • 505B2 opportunities

Contracting Assistance for Your Customer Base

  • Customer Base including: Retail, Wholesale, Distributors, Group Purchasing Organization, and IHN/IDN
  • Assist in setting up your contracting efforts with national and regional accounts
  • Provide competitive data to secure contracts

Business Development Opportunities

  • Support to procure additional products
  • Assistance in API, Components, etc.